The art of acting spontaneously resulting in you actions being original and generally awesome.
'Wow did you just see what he did?! He totally just kept it fresh!'

'Keeping it fresh!'

'I like rubbing cake into myself...' 'You're keeping it fresh!'
by chezasaurus October 20, 2011
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When your lady parts are nice and clean and they dont stink even if you not on your period
by Gr8 girl November 8, 2015
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Bob: "Yo my mayneee, you be lookin fly in dat jizzacket!"
Rob: "Thanksz ma mans, u know i gotta keep it fresh!"
by Kasarah! October 31, 2007
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someone is telling you something and you just know they're lying about it, so you call them out by saying "come on man, keep the bread fresh"
by Dustin Rife May 6, 2007
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Said at the end of a conversation as a parting statement. Meant to imply that the other person should "take care" or to "keep it real"
Dude 1: anyway i have to go. I'll talk to you later.
Dude 2: alright dude
Dude 1: see you later, take care
Dude 2: Keep your mango's fresh
by Will.C April 12, 2009
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