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a Mexican that dresses like they are ghetto or gangster. Extremely Mexican, but tries to hide it.
"look at him hes so chanchi"
by nevc March 31, 2009
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a chanchi is a mexican that doesn't speak no sort of english. they dont even know hi LMFAOO
josh: bro you know that nigga jabier? i said hi to him that nigga ignored me
trey: sonnnn is you late? he a chanchi
by astunnabitch May 30, 2019
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chanchi is what you get when you mix chonga and raunchy. its an is used to describe mostly latin young adults that like to shop in stores such as Rave and 579 or wear SouthPole and Fubu. They are known to say 'meng' and mean it.
That party sucked. There was a bunch of chanchi girls doing the crybaby like it was still 94'.

Those rhinestone playboy shorts are chanchi as hell, remove them immediately.
by spidergirl July 06, 2005
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We ur penis gets tangled in its self and u have to go in to emergency surgery to fix it
Bruh I got a major chanchi last night

Freind: did u make it out alive
by E-tma balls bi@&$ January 20, 2019
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