GAH is an acronym, usually used by young adults of the Millennial generation, pertaining to the saying "Gay As Hell."
It is usually used to describe a situation or person that is annoying, boring, or useless.
"Man, this English lecture is GAH."
"Jon looks GAH in that too tight polo."
by cmpress November 08, 2011
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When one finds it difficult to poop.
Also can be used to mean constipation but highly religious
"Why is she taking so long,"
"She probs finding it Gahs"

"What's your religion?"
"It's Gahs"
by AnimeNerdOne April 27, 2018
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aka gaping ass hole when u moon some one and pull ur ass checks apart
WOW brandyn u have a huge G.A.H
by josh jay November 15, 2007
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A random word to keep a conversation continuously flowing or a word in place of God.
ex. 1. z1:How are you? z2:GAH!

ex. 2. Oh my GAH!
by Kc March 08, 2005
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Another meaning, derived from The Simpsons, for What? or Come again? Or a surprise
Person A: I passed math!
Person B: Gah?
by kidgorgeous21 May 15, 2003
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...It's like... A word that expresses... Uhm... GAH! There is no true definition!
(Over phone or messaging)

Guy: im eating chicken

Hot Girl: Is it delicious?

Guy: It's a little.... dry

Hot Girl: You need something a little more moist to eat?

Guy: GAH!!!!
by Dr. Higgins July 01, 2010
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An interjection used to describe an atmosphere in which it is considered fun; A synonym for "Lit"
by MollYEET January 20, 2017
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