To get arrested by the police.
I got gaffled when the cops found the weed.
by Alchemy J May 21, 2004
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to detained, tie up, usually with ill intentions
"I'm like baffled, they got me gaffled, with the duct tape
So I remain raw, in come this chainsaw" -- ICe Cube
by Sloan January 26, 2003
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To steal, from an unexpecting person, in public or private with the cruel intentions of it being a joke or prank usually school related.
- I remember putting my CD in my book bag after gym.
- Yeah, you did. Hah, you just got gaffled sucker.

- Yo I'm about to gaffle this fool.
by Apollo June 17, 2006
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That dude totally got gaffled, he can't even walk straight any more.
by zap22 August 6, 2005
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1. To get over on "The System" or "The Man".

2. To undercut

3. To lie for a cause
1. They trippin' at Target! I lost the receipt for this broke ass clock radio, so Im'ma have ta' bust a gaffle by buying the same clock and returning this old one the next day using the new receipt.

2.These niggas think they can gaffle my ass by payin me for only 8 hours when I worked 11... So, I just gaffled they asses back by fillin' out 2 time cards!

3. President Bush tried to gaffle America by associating Iraq with the war on terror... That fool knows it's all about the mutha fuckin' oil he can grease his pockets with!
by Herm aka: Dangle May 9, 2004
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Ghetto waffles.

• 3 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 tablespoon salt
• 2 eggs from da co’na’ sto’ (just pull two eggs from the carton and run.)
• 1 cup of minced collard greens
• 1 cup of two week old milk
• 1/4 cup of grape soda
• 1/4 cup of malt liquor
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
"Mmm, mmm! Goddamn them gaffles are good!"

Mama sprinkled crystal dust on the gaffles.

Server: "And what would you like with your Kool-Aid, sir?"
Eddie: "Give me a plate of them gaffles with hasbrowns."
by Chef Boy-In-Da-Hood August 7, 2011
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This crack I bought in the tenderloin is gaffle -- I was sold a piece of aspirin.
by Urban Browser January 13, 2005
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