When one woman selfishly confiscates an entire load of cum that was meant to be fairly distributed between two or more women.
Don't invite Shanweeka to the party. She a bitch. Always on her butter gaffle when I'm tryin' to get mines. Girl gotta eat.

Johnny was just about to cum in my bunghole when Sandra took his cock out and butter gaffled his salty load.
by jjty2 February 1, 2014
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When a woman reaches her climax, you stick your nose inside her vagina and sneeze
Have you ever tried to Snaffle Gaffle?
No, I didn't want to give her aids.
by Von_Barret October 11, 2010
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When two men spread each other assholes while they try to put their faces in the other one’s ass
Yo i found two homeless men ass gaffling behind a dumpster
by ToofBoof May 26, 2020
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Is slang for Money, Cash, A Bankroll
Aye, I keep some gaffle on me!
Them n*ggas broke they ain't got no gaffle!
by Kutthroat972 September 24, 2021
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Another term for "gassing" up someone's head, basically telling you what you want to hear.
That's the Gaffle, I hope she doesn't fall for it.
by Word breaker February 12, 2016
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A long stick like piece of equipment use to reach,maneuver or retrieve objects too far away.
Kim used a gaffling to move the boxes out of her way.
by Geminicreeper April 6, 2019
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