Crackhead bitch gaffled my wallet while I was in the bathroom.
by Loremaster September 17, 2002
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To get arrested by the police.
I got gaffled when the cops found the weed.
by Alchemy J May 21, 2004
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to detained, tie up, usually with ill intentions
"I'm like baffled, they got me gaffled, with the duct tape
So I remain raw, in come this chainsaw" -- ICe Cube
by Sloan January 26, 2003
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To steal, from an unexpecting person, in public or private with the cruel intentions of it being a joke or prank usually school related.
- I remember putting my CD in my book bag after gym.
- Yeah, you did. Hah, you just got gaffled sucker.

- Yo I'm about to gaffle this fool.
by Apollo June 17, 2006
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This crack I bought in the tenderloin is gaffle -- I was sold a piece of aspirin.
by Urban Browser January 13, 2005
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to jump upon someone causing them pain usually in a large group all gaffling one person
in the matrix neo got gaffled by hundreds of agent smiths gaffle him
by nobbert June 1, 2003
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