to steal a lighter ...
once the whole cig. is gone the lighter is rightfully yours.

void on blunts ....
who gaffled my lighter ? me but its mine now i finished the cig....
by mi@25 May 13, 2008
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to jump upon someone causing them pain usually in a large group all gaffling one person
in the matrix neo got gaffled by hundreds of agent smiths gaffle him
by nobbert June 1, 2003
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A adjective for anything beat up,nasty,played out,fell out the ugly tree,...displeasing to the eye really.
Sound it out...Ga ff look at your self in the mirror while you say it.. That's the look. Damn,Gaffled aren't ya?
by Jacob June 8, 2004
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to consume quickly. whether it be stealing, eating, etc...
by putdownmypants September 19, 2007
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to go, as in leave the premises
I gotsta gaffle, yo. You comin'?
by saribug November 15, 2004
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v. to steal something or rip someone off as if you were a pirate.
my friends dragged me to some fuckstick's house so i entertained myself by gaffling his CD collection pirately.

i wish i were reading the newspaper right now but it was gaffled pirately off of the lawn.

i thought i was buying acid but got gaffled pirately. it was fuckin fake.

im gonna gaffle pirately this shirt from the store.
by Amy Christ November 19, 2007
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To wreck, faceplant, crash, hit the pavement as in skateboarding, snowboarding et. al.
Little Johnny gaffled hard off that hand rail.

I got gaffled when I blew the landing on that double 5-set.
by skrinkus May 5, 2005
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