A person that is compelled to buy and use the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos.
She is such a gadgeteer, she stood in line for hours to buy the Apple iPhone on the day it was released.
by Julie Strietelmeier November 3, 2007
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An electronic or mechanical device that people buy as a toy rather than as a practical tool.
Why not take a photo of your butt and send it to her on that new gadget of yours?
by PrinceToad August 3, 2005
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An extremely sexy petite girl...smaller version of a ''Machine''
Oh dude i was outside that all girls school the other day and there were some wicked little gadgets about.
by SuperFunHappySlide February 1, 2008
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a machine that does several works , at least more than one

like a machine that moves on the ground , flys & moves on the sea or so
I have a kind of Gadget car it moves on the ground , in the sea and it even can Fly , that's a complete gadget .

like Inspector gadget , his does several thins
by seven.56789 July 19, 2010
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The act of researching and buying new gadgets and equipment for a specific skill instead of actually practicing that skill.
Michael says he loves cycling, but he actually just loves gadgeting new parts for his bike.

Paul just doesn't stop gadgeting.
by BernardZit October 20, 2020
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The feeling of discomfort one feels when unable to find the gadget that is supposed to be attached to one's belt.
"Where the hell is my phone!?" yelled Robert.
"Calm down," said his wife. "There's no need to get gadgetated."
by Vlad Y'Bingi April 11, 2005
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The process of walking around in malls, looking for gadgets to buy.
It is easy to see when a person is GADGETATING, because he picks up everything and studies it.
by Gadget King January 14, 2011
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