The best show ever made which so happens to be on E! They make fun of stupid people such as Tila Tequilia and Tyra Banks.
Dude did you watch The Soup last night?
Duh they were making fun of Tila Tequila being a skank!
by lil wayne is bomb July 15, 2008
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1.) A woman whose breasts resemble plastic bags filled with soup.

2.) A woman with disgustingly large, unappealing breasts.
Frank: "That fat gypsy is checking you out!"

Fred: "Fuck, i wouldn't touch that SOUP-SOUP."


Bert: " Nothing gets me off like soup-soup."

Ernie: "Dude you got a problem."
by ChancelloroftheArts February 17, 2010
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It's soup.
by King of Soup May 2, 2012
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A TV show on E!, which mocks popular culture. And is pretty damn funny.
I missed the Soup last night! Was Reality Clip of the week kickass again?
by Walnutz April 8, 2006
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adj. Origin, Southern New Jersey. To be filled with emotion, like a soup is filled with ingredients. Usually having to do with extreme excitement or anger.
"When Trey said wanted to beat Don's ass, Don got souped and then called his squad"
"When I heard they were giving out 50 Cent tickets to the first 50 people in line I was souped, until I realized I was number 51"
by ctina September 27, 2005
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when teenagers drink expired soup in an effort to get high. (as depicted on Saturday Night Live)
Are you souping later tonight?' 'Sure, let's raid the cupboard for some Campbell's.
by missemmamm October 25, 2010
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