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1: When one rips a fully packed bong bowl or glass blunt in one unbelievably legendary fucking toke.
2: Another word to express how uncomfortably stuffy & humid the room is
3: When a vehicle over heats
4: When one makes another feel as worthless as dirt
1: Here we go!!! {Legendary Toke} Air Whistles through piece Exhales} Coughs Fuck ya, I straight furnied that ho
2: Turn that A/C on this room's gettin all furnied and shit nigga
3: No No NO NO NOOOO!!! Fuck!!.... I'm in the middle of traffic and this muthafucka just furnied!! GREAT!!
4: Duuuuude Joseph just straight the fuck up got furnied by his bae bruh
by 420 FRIENDS April 22, 2018
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