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This word is used in a situation where your mate has said something pretty funny but you couldnt be fucked to laugh so you just say funny shit
Tommo: Oi nathans a stupid cunt
Ben: Funny Shit
by Darren Thomson April 23, 2005
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"Funny Shit" is a low budget movie out of New England that was produced in the summer of 2010. It chronicles a group of people and the funny situations, and quotes that transpire from their gatherings. While the movie was low budget-- it contained an ability to wow audiences and give them a lifetime of "lolz".
watch Funny Shit, it will give you miles of smiles
by m'didyoujustquoteme'C. July 11, 2010
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When something happened thats so fucked up it makes you laugh
"OMG, Amy, Brad dumped you for yourr little sister"
"Thats funny shit"
by kpbostonianakamrsadams June 22, 2009
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