The act of literally taking a shit on top of a coffin.
Scott got fired today - Camera's caught him giving our shipment of caskets we were sending to a funeral home a real Plumber's Funeral.
by Nightmare Ives March 19, 2021
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When something's a major turn off for a someone( mostly girls).
Nate was being a total vagina funeral when he started dancing.
by mariee me May 16, 2014
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A funeral process where a person’s cremated remains are set out to sea on a ship that is then lit on fire via fire arrows that are shot from the shore, then, the funeral attendees equip diving gear and collect the ashes, whoever gets the most wins the person’s will
“We had a Viking Piñata Funeral for Tyler last Saturday, he will be missed
by Raccski April 10, 2021
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