Noun; see fun assasin

1) Person or group of people who make others stop having fun for whatever reason, usually out of jealousy or spite, but sometimes because said fun is against the law.

2) Another name for one's wife, instructor, parent(s), the legitimate authorities.
"We were having fun hurling dog shit over the house into the yard across the street with my home-made trebuchet when the effing FUN POLICE made us stop".
by I.Q. 151 December 5, 2004
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The part of IT associated with ensuring that nobody has any fun, mainly because they are a bunch of wet towels who are full of spite and don't want anybody else to have fun because they aren't getting any.
Fingers:"Hey Fortress, can I have YouTube access?"
Fortress: "No, that would be fun. Get back to work, robot!"
Fingers: "Damn fun police!"
by 3nigm@ March 8, 2010
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Someone who polices the fun of others while constantly needing to go to Camp Phoenix.
Me: I sure hope the fun police stays in his room today.

Clint: I'm thinking he has some knives to sharpen.
by Matt Honcho July 17, 2008
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Man, that stucon kicked me out for having fun, and when I wouldn't leave, she bit my ear! Why are they all such fun police!?!
by cdawg9114 December 6, 2010
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Person(s) who continue to tighten the corporate noose around workers necks ensuring that any hint of fun and enjoyment at work is stamped out before it becomes 'culture' within the office.
Grego, Schlarp would you like to play office cricket at lunch?

Schlarp, I would but the 'fun police' will probably tell us off.
by Schlarp January 25, 2005
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A person who purposely stop others having fun
A kid pushes the trampoline in the pool to see if you can jump on it in the pool and he gets told to cut it out
by Caroline November 15, 2003
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A radio show on Australian radio.
"Hey Joe, did ya catch The Fun Police last week?". "Nah, I bloody missed it!".
by thewizkid93 January 19, 2009
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