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The part of IT associated with ensuring that nobody has any fun, mainly because they are a bunch of wet towels who are full of spite and don't want anybody else to have fun because they aren't getting any.
Fingers:"Hey Fortress, can I have YouTube access?"
Fortress: "No, that would be fun. Get back to work, robot!"
Fingers: "Damn fun police!"
by 3nigm@ March 8, 2010
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Leave nominally granted to an employee in return for working extra hours outside the agreed arrangements. Is often spent working from home because said employee in obsessed with work and has ADHD. Such time could be better spent buying a rug or coffee table from Heathcote.
Fingers: Yo, I'm taking tomorrow as time in lieu for working on Sunday, OK?
Mr T: Alright. Are you going to buy that rug from Rozelle?
by 3nigm@ July 6, 2009
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The phenomenon where someone gives you grief (aka, shoving a watermelon up your rectum) because they've been given grief by someone else.
Fuck, that Project Manager just did a watermelon transfer on me because his shit bomb project is behind on schedule!
by 3nigm@ October 19, 2011
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