A genre in anime and manga that every weeb indeed watches, however it is never discussed among fellow weebs.

A harem is essentially when there is a boy who is bombarded by a bevy girls presenting various physiques. The girls in the harem are all attracted to the boy and often fight over his affection. A Harem can be metaphorically describes as a rooster in a henhouse.
Max: Yo, have you seen that new harem that just got added to crunchyroll?

Finn: *fucks right off*
by thefountofallknowledge October 30, 2019
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Sheik Mohammed-izzle-nizzle(1904): I got a harem full o' bitches

Nizzle-wizzle-got-tha-bizzle(2004): I got a stable full o' bitches
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 4, 2004
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Harem (Turkish, from Arabic حرم ḥaram 'forbidden place; sacrosanct, sanctum', related to حريم ḥarīm 'a sacred inviolable place; female members of the family' and حرام ḥarām, 'forbidden; sacred') refers to the sphere of women in a usually polygynous household and their quarters which is enclosed and forbidden to men. It originated in the Near East and came to the Western world via the Ottoman Empire.

The term serraglio (Italian from Persian sarāy "palace, enclosed courts") carries a similar meaning.

In modern colloquial (and humorous) English, "harem" may denote a number of female followers of a charismatic man.
The 'harem' does not refer to a sanctuary for the wives of a polygynous person. It is simply a resting quarters for women. Female seclusion in Islam is emphasized to the extent that any unlawful breaking into that privacy is ḥarām "forbidden". Contrary to the common belief, a Muslim harem does not necessarily consist solely of women with whom the head of the household has sexual relations (wives and concubines), but also their young offspring, other female relatives, etc.; and it may either be a palatial complex, as in Romantic tales, in which case it includes staff (women and eunuchs), or simply their quarters, in the Ottoman tradition separated from the men's selamlık. The Greek gynaeceum and Persian zenana were comparable institutions.
by Road Gypsy February 2, 2010
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Like every mans dream. Of having a shit load of women everywhere.
When u realize that anime harem girls arent after your money but your dick
by Pussyeater556 July 19, 2019
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(n.) 1630s, from Turkish harem, from Arabic haram "wives and concubines," originally "women's quarters," literally "something forbidden or kept safe," from root of harama "he guarded, forbade."
"My Harem is filled with multiple wives"
by Eeah Bey September 19, 2013
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Tons Of Girls Following A Boy
(Someone who hates girls) HELP GET ME OUT THIS HAREM
(Someone who likes girls) Man I wanna stay in this Harem
by Shaggy Says no October 5, 2019
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A group of females of three or more who are loose moral whores and only like dick and MAC beauty products. They walk together in groups and go into stores like Juicy Couture and PINK by Victoria Secret. They can be caught wearing tight yoga pants (even though they don't do yoga), lacey bras with sheer lacey shirts, too much makeup, Jeggings, and regular tans. If you see one of these, don't be afraid to call out "Harem". They can be seen on multiple campuses across the nation of the United States.
Please don't join a Harem or you will not be my friend.
by Jakerracker June 27, 2011
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