When you have bad grammar and someone tries to correct you
leo: i fucking love sara
sara: u like my nipples or my pussy
leo: hmm, you're pussy seems better
mark: ayo leo bastard did u just say you're in the wrong sentence bich???
"dude doritos is getting rid of guac"

"FUK 1"

by Titties82 June 12, 2013
When you are so mad you want to kill someone, or are just the cat memeANGRY AS FUK
“I got angry as fuk when Fortnite died
by ThePersonWhoDefinedThisWord October 16, 2019
A person who thinks he is hot shit but is really under-average
When a person is trying way to hard to impress people who really dont care
Man 1: Damn, Devon is such a fuk boi.
Man 2: Why's that?
Man 1: Because he is wearing my little pony shorts.
by Jordan.R March 31, 2015
Tyrone is a Fuk Boi name and so now everyone hates him.
by Dirking729 May 17, 2016