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1337 speak for the word "you".
OMG I PWN j00!
by spikeboy April 09, 2004

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To delete.
I baleeted all my junk e-mail.
by spikeboy May 10, 2004

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A misspelling of the word "Fuck".
Fuk you.
by spikeboy March 27, 2004

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1. To punish someone in a harsh manner.
2. To give someone a hard time.
My dad really gave me hell last night.
by spikeboy March 21, 2004

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Account suicide on GameFAQs.
I got some hot porn from that LUEicide.
by spikeboy April 19, 2004

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Someone on the GameFAQs message boards who marks messages only to have a high MMA.
My friend got banned because his message was marked by an MMA whore.
by spikeboy April 02, 2004

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1337 speak for "fuck you". Also see Fuck j00
OMG I pwn3d j00.
Fuk j00!
by spikeboy March 23, 2004

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