Code word sometimes used by boyfriends while in the prescence of their own girlfriends to point out a hottie. Ther girlfriends think they are actually insulting some nasty skank and think it's funny.
by kaizersoze124 May 30, 2005
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Jay-Z when he fell off after the Black Album. Combination of the words "Fucking Gay Jay-Z".
A - "You hear that D'Evils off of that Reasonable Doubt album? Lyricism is ridiculous son"
B - "For real, shit is forever a classic"

Ten years later.....

A - "My god, did you just hear Fugazi with Usher on Kingdom Come? Ugggh"
B - "Word, and wtf was that Hollywood joint with his girl? Fugazi needs to step it up or leave it alone! And he needs to be careful cos errybody knows Iverson crossed MJ after he came back (as reminded by Joey!)"
by ya boy23 March 23, 2008
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someone who is a big nerd, loser, or just all around really idiotic person
"did you just see the geek trip over his own feet?? what a fugazi..."
by big gay val April 14, 2006
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When something is chill or good. The word is usually expressed with a peace sign.
Guys, I have ringworm but it's fugazi.
by bill nye loves eggs February 23, 2014
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1. Fake, not genuine, phony. Essence of being shady.
2. A man/woman who is gay.
Yo that situation is fugazie son. That guy is a little fugazie.
by JC March 31, 2005
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A fake - not authentic
Hey, I don't know, how da fuk you knew, that ring, was a fugazy...
I'll see ya tomorra!
by Thriller April 15, 2003
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