Marillion is a color. One of the sunset colors. In between red and yellow, scarlet and vermillion. A tomato color. I can taste it, now.
Something I said in an email just a few minutes ago. I can look it up if I need to.
by KD November 30, 2003
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UK based art / prog rock band similar in style and scope to bands like early Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator.
Recorded a string of classic and ground breaking albums between 1983 and 1987 including 'Script for a Jetsers Tear' and 'Misplaced Childhood'. Original lead singer, Derick Willian Dick (fish) quit in 1988 to be replaced by former European's Frontman Steve Hogarth. Recorded three more worthy albums including the epic concept project 'Brave' before loosing the plot and disapearing up their own backsides and into obscurity
"Are you gonna see Marillion this year?"

"Ten years ago hell wouldn't have stopped me, but now?.... nah."
by black flag June 05, 2004
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