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An action when your circled index finger and your thumb moves back and forward over your nose. In relation to a general question you do not know the answer too.
Q: Hey Jonnie, what's for dinner?
A: (Just make the action as described above!) ie: who the fucknose?
by Lightweight October 16, 2006
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(FUK noze) noun. 1. a real asshole, a bastard, a prick, a son of a bitch, an idiot, a fool, a schmuck, a looser, etc 2. a dimunitive used most affectionately with a twinge of the sarcastic
Terry: Sue, you are really a greedy bitch.
Sue: Why? What did I do now?
Terry: You smoked up all my shit goddamnit!
Sue: Yeah, well, I'm a fuck nose.

Sue: Hi Maryann. What's up?
Maryann: Hey fuck nose. How are ya doin?
Sue: Not bad for a fuck nose- thanks.
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005
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fuck-nose (FUK noze) noun. a goof, an idiot, a fool, a douche bag, a shlameil, a shmendrek, a yutz, a shmeggie. Generally used in a derogatory fashion behind one's back. Can also be used endearingly.
plural; fuck-noses, is seldom used.
Sue's friend: Hey, I heard that Sue failed a surprise urine test at the clinic last week. I even told the bitch not to get high! But she don't even care. Now she hasta...
Not Sue's friend: Damn! I'm sick of that dumb fuck-nose bitch. She'd fuck up a wet dream.

Maryanne: Hey there fuck-nose! Sup? I hurt dey busd yo ass at ta clinic lass week.
Sue: Hey, yeah, I got all fucked up and forgot to put the Elmer's Glue bottle with some clean urine in my hidey hole.
Maryanne: That's fucked up.
by Ned Ludd August 02, 2005
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1. A term of endearment, especially when said by the originator who is in a drunken condition.

2. a derogatory term said to express anger towards an individual.

3. Literal, an action engaged in, usually while performing inverted oral clitoral stimulation, by inserting one's nose into the partner's vagina, thusly giving simultaneous sexual pleasure.
1. "Hey Fucknose, how the hell have you been?"
2. "Hey Fucknose, get the fuck out of my fucking way."
3. "We were performing 69 with me on top when I decided to give her a 'fucknose.'"
by mr. fucknose January 12, 2008
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A term for people whose names are grammatically spelled starting with a W but are pronounced starting with a V
by DreamsL0ST September 01, 2008
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