A teenage boy who likes to fuck around with girls feelings. Will talk to you for hours one day, then ignore you the next. Always wants to "chill" but never actually "chills". Says he likes you, but won't ask you out. If he does date you, it won't last long. (less than a day/week). WILL "LIKE" ABOUT 10 OTHER GIRLS AT A TIME, OR WILL BOUNCE FROM ONE TO ANOTHER. Will straight up ignore the living fuck out of you then hit you up a few weeks later. And lastly, they probably won't ever get a girlfriend because once it's known into the world that they're a fuckboy, they'll ALWAYS be known as one.
"Omg he just told me he likes me but posted another girl as his wcw... wow he's a Fuckboy"
by iwantluketofuckme February 28, 2015
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a guy that leads girls on and flirts with everyone. messes with girls' feelings
friend: "that guy flirts with everyone!"
me: "he's a total fuck boy"
by h8allyoumofos::://// November 13, 2014
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A complete perverted, disgusting, mindless douchebag boy that wants nothing but sex with you. Fuckboys are usually spotted with their extremely obvious emojis on social media sites. They appear on girl's selfies, and if spotted, should be blocked and reported immediately. In real life, these jackasses are nothing but losers that have nothing at all to do with their life. Commonly known for their trait of wearing khakis and Nike sandals.
Taren: "Cristina, there's a fuckboy on my selfie!"
Cristiana: "Block him!"
Taren: I don't know what that thing is, but i will find it. And I will kill it.
by phoenix_wrong2014 January 14, 2015
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Is probably into whimsically patterned socks and frat vests. Thinks he is still the high school quarterback even though he graduated 10 years ago and doesn't really work out anymore. Is really attractive, but also socially awkward in a very specific, almost intentional way. Makes strange eye contact when he is hitting on you where he almost looks like he's going to cry. Is obsessed with his dog, which has a completely human name, and buys it sweaters and shit. The dog is badly behaved and reminds you of him. Will text you the night after a hookup and thank you for coming over, but then not text you again for two months because he forgot or got busy. Is probably a lawyer. Has a really dirty car. Wants to quit smoking, but keeps coming up with excuses. Is never going to quit smoking. Likely a Capricorn. Says "wow" way too much. Texts you nonsense compulsively while you are both at work. You have to twist his arm to get him to take you on a date. Makes absolutely everything sexual. Everything. Absolutely loves strippers and is not ashamed of it. Is politically liberal, but looks really conservative. Generally emotionally closed off and materialistic. But you still find him really charming and totally resent yourself for it.
This guy stringing me along is a total fuckboy.
by ittybittykittykat February 08, 2018
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An asshole who thinks hes the shit and can get any girl- but in reality no one likes him and . He is sweet at times but watch out, he really isnt. He fucks with girls minds and is usualy a player.
by 1213141516 February 15, 2015
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How to spot a fuck boy:
-His Nike socks pulled up to his fuckin knees
-Nike sweaters all the damn time
-Most likely has the international fuck boy haircut (Shaved on the sides, long on the top)
His text messages include:
"Lol so wut would u if i was there ;)"
"send sum pics?"
"haha imagine if we had sex"
"lol so r u a virgin"

*sees guy with skateboard and floral button down*
*backs away*
Someone: what a fuck boy
by green0sharpie April 26, 2015
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