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A branch off of your face in which any and all insults can be answered with Fuck Your Face. Its more potent and final than just saying your face.
As a put off:
1. Hey lets go get a cheeseburger.
2. Fuck your face.

As an insult:
1. Fuck you.
2. Fuck your face.

As a comeback:
1. You're a fucking asshole.
2. Your asshole fucks your face.
by xlrs April 10, 2010
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A vulgar hybrid of the classic "kiss my ass" and "fuck you" insults.

A person says "fuck your face" to exhibit a deep hatred of everything another person embodies as people are generally identified by their faces. Contrary to how it sounds, it is meant only to express deep hatred and is not in any way a request for future action by the recipient.
by AlexisIrene August 22, 2008
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To dismiss someone angrily, similar to "fuck you" or "fuck off", but more to say that they are also wrong about something they just said to you.

It's a Chicago thing, first appearing in a Yelp Chicago talk thread about the southside of the city being less favored than the north, and the racial and other implications of that.
"Bitch, your tanorexic ass is just mad because you are poor and eat ramen and got roaches and shit."

"I'm not poor at all you wrinkly ho. In fact I got a luxary Audi and my daddy owns half the southside, so fuck your face."
by The Real Tina B. August 22, 2008
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