someone who never feels they are tan enough
-she spent all day at the beach and then hit the tanning salon
-OMG she is such a tanorexic!!
by Believe1 November 27, 2009
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A pun that combines the disorder of anorexia with tanning. Is used to describe people, usually white women and teen girls, who are very tan/dark in skin tone. Tanorexics are more specifically women who purposely get tan by either sunbathing frequently or by a fake bake. It was suggested that, like anorexics, they have an addiction to tanning and won't stop no matter how dark they get. Hence, the term tanorexic.
Christina Aguilera was a full-blown tanorexic; Lindsay Lohan is borderline tanorexic.
by isay'uh'toomuch October 28, 2004
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Also called sun worshippers. They see a very pasty pale person when they stare into the mirror. A person who has an obsession with tanning. Not limited to any sex or race, they are predominantly white females. Tanorexics missed the memo that said that too much sunlight, specifically UV rays, is a leading cause of skin cancer, almost as bad as smoking cigarettes like a chimney which many tanorexics indulge in also. Tanorexics can easily be identified as having skin a sickly brown color, taking on a certain shade of poop the darker they get. This skin is many times darker than their sun bleached hair. A tanorexic thinks that dark skin makes them desirable and sexy. If a tanorexic tans many years, their skin takes on a leathery appearance and will form creases and folds, especially on the face, making one look older than their actual age, and possibly uglier than they would have been otherwise. They also keep the cost of insurance rising due to their frequency of skin cancer breakout. The common personality traits of a tanorexic are: sel-absorbtion, dimb-wittedness, and in defiance of common logic about the harmful affects of radiation. They tend to have a large majority of population incidence of skin cancer. The common types of tanorexics include: vain teenage girls, the party girls, the trophy wives (otherwise known as the rich bitches who don't have to work because their husband is a doctor/lawyer/corporate executive), the wrinkled old dark bitches who still think they look good( they fit in the previous category as well).
That wrinkled old tanorexic needs to go indoors and hide her ugly self.

Tanorexics like to sip martinis by the pool side.
by TheAnnihilator October 29, 2006
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A person addicted to tanning; the disorder in which people may feel that they NEED to be tan.

Much like anorexia (the root word) tanorexic people are both mentally and physically addicted to tanning.

Physical addiction: UVA rays can give the feeling of euphoria or a natural "high" similar to the euphoric feeling experienced after exercising.
"I love tanning; could I be a tanorexic?"
by Amanda Lynn B May 17, 2006
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(1) A combination of the words "tan" and "anorexia." (a) A person, usually a white girl, who never thinks they are tan enough. (b) A person who is both frighteningly skinny, and frighteningly tan.
by Quicksand September 23, 2005
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my sister tans everyday with her tanorexic friends .
by mike_the _god April 3, 2007
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obsessed with looking tan and thin
Bring it on Again!

You know I used to look up to you? But that was beforeI found out who you are.
An insecure “tanorexic.”
by Nikko February 18, 2004
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