A list of people that you want to fuck
" Kate upton is on my fuck list"
by Iheartjesus June 2, 2016
a list of women/men that one maintains who them desire to have sex with at some point in the future, but for some reason are presently unable to at this point. also known by an acronym of TBFL.
Pete: "You see that bartender?"
Cook: "Yeah, you fuck her?"
Pete: "No, she's loyal to her god damn boyfriend."
Cook: "What, that sucks."
Pete: "Dude, don't worry, I got her on the old To Be Fucked List."
Cook: "You are a wise man."
Pete: "Fortune favors the prepared penis."
Cook: "Your wisdom knows no boundries."
by Pete Dick February 14, 2008
A list of things you planned to do before you die but gave up on.
Skydiving was on my bucket list but I chickened out. It's now on my fuck it list.
by FreshWords February 11, 2018
A list of sexual acts in which one wishes to take part before death.
"I've never sealed the deal with a virgin before, I'm putting it on the Fuck-it List."
by 13bitters July 9, 2016
It's a bucket list, but a list of things to do before one goes away for college. It can be written as early as ones entrance to high school, and can have as many items as wanted (the average is around 100-150).
Called a fuck-it list, obviously because it sounds like bucket list, but also because you're going to college, so fuck it.
Very popular for teens in high school.
Carl: Hey man, what you up to?
Joe: Oh, I'm about to go paint myself blue and pretend I'm an avatar..
Carl: Why the hell would you do that?
Joe: It's on my fuck it list, man.
A list of things you want to fuck before you die.
Example: dog, cat, bob from next door, etc.
Jane: hey did you see that sexy seagull?
Mary: yeah. I’ll put it on my fuck-it list.
by Partykiller June 13, 2018
A list of women a man has bedded and also a list he wants to screw. Much like a bucket list.
Pam Anderson is on my Fuck It List, I wished on the done side!
by D0c January 10, 2009