Fuck the orange. The fucking orange. Just fuck it.
"ey fuck donald trump. the shit-ass bastard must begone
by FelinesGoneFaster June 5, 2020
come on let's keep it real that kiddy tickling, daughter fucking, kid caging, tax evading, military hating, russia butt kissing, family separating, instigating, racist, imbecilic, washed up, proud boy loving ass, impeached ass, tired ass, virused up ass, old ass stain of a man should never have become president. We watched him ignore a virus that killed hundreds of thousands, add fuel to the fire during a social justice movement , shame our country by questioning and then trying to strip our democracy, tear gas citizens so he could take a photo op with a bible he has never read, blame mental health for gun crimes and say guns themselves are not the problem. why do snowflake republicans defend this guy like he's their favourite auntie
fuck donald trump yeeah yeeahhh fuck donald trump yeahhh
i like white folk but i don't like you
all the niggas in the hood wanna fight yu
by Dry boy Audacious December 4, 2020
"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
most efficient way to trigger trump supporters on this website
e.g: wow the admins really pissed the retards off, fuck donald trump
by MISTATHUG December 8, 2020
When you want to have sex with a trash can.
"Hey dude, I really want to fuck Donald Trump."
"You can't fuck a trash can, it just doesn't seem possible."
by LeftCam December 9, 2020
Things a washed up, ignorant actor would say to remain relevant, while the rest of the country benefits from Hillary not being PoTUS.
by walford December 1, 2020
Something even Melania doesn't want to do anymore.
"Supermodels no longer want to fuck donald trump. They lost interest after Stormy Daniels revealed that Marco Rubio was right about the size of his dick. He likes to say that he'd fuck Ivanka if they weren't related, but Ivanka says she wouldn't fuck donald trump even if they weren't related and he were 25 years old, because it would still be gross. Now I don't want to fuck donald trump either, because I think I can do better, and because it's just an embarrassing thing to do." --Melania Knavs...okay, okay, Melania Trump, I just hate to admit it in public
by bis225 December 10, 2020