A fuck bubble is the name for the showing of a pregnant woman's belly.
"I'm not surprised to see her with a fuck bubble, she often lets guys raw dog her.
by Malkavianpie January 28, 2012
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Anything said by a fucktard, like a fart maybe but vocalised.
Fucktard: "Wow! I just realised that not all mean are equal! I'm great!"

My friend: "Oh god there he goes, another fuckbubble"

Me: Stabs him in the throat, shoots him in the head five times with my Glock, and then I burn him just to be sure.
by Reg Davey April 25, 2006
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fuckbubble: to pound a cat hard in the ass till little bubbles are created.

fuckbubbles are often done by kids named zach.
Zach gave his cat a fuckbubble.
by bishoppimpa December 14, 2004
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A fuck bubble is when your fucking a girl and she starts squirting but you can't pull out fast enough so she starts making little fuck bubbles.
Damn baby wait 'till I pull out, you're making fuck bubbles!
by Tw1tch_T1n1 November 02, 2015
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