Another term for a vagina, otherwise known as a box, hence fuck box. Should really be fuckbox.
So what did you stick in her fuckbox?
by slip March 24, 2005
A person who has sex with a lot of people.
That girl had sex with a lot of people, she's such a fuck box.
by AimeeMMMMMM June 27, 2005
a large wooden enclosure with multiple holes in it to fuck. you can also keep sex slaves in it.
hey buddy, when are you going to let those girls out of the fuck box?
by tre jacob January 3, 2008
A annoying person who fucks with you, but you still like them.
Keshia:Hey, do you have some gum?
Me:No, now go away you fuck box!
by Jotaku February 14, 2005
when your so desperate that you have to go as low as to cut a whole in a box and do it.
man i was so horny last night i had to do a fuck box.
by zane j. October 14, 2007
a derogitory term synonymous with fucker
That fuck box was pissing me off so I stabbed him in the liver.
by Bruni November 8, 2003
A complete and utter slag that you are pounding or have pounded and have no respect what so ever for.
hey eric you should see the fuck box i met last night. she was a complete slut
by Kezzy U NO November 25, 2007