phrase used by jay and silent bob's persuer, the national wildlife ranger, played by will ferrel
fuck beans, that was them, wasn't it!
by oldie oldskins October 23, 2003
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Random expression of anger and shock.
Jim: Hey, did you engage your parking break? Because that looks like you car rolling down the hill.
Steve: What? Fuck beans!
by Jon July 2, 2004
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Prescription medicine designed to allow men to achieve a state of arousal. Such prescriptions are given to those who are impotent for one reason or another.
I can't get it up until I pop some fuck beans baby.
by Marvelous 4 Eva July 6, 2003
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the joyful been old people take...aka viagra
....viagra, the pill that makes yo cock big and hard, when you're gettin ready to do tha lady, and your dick just aint workin, pop in on of those bad boys and wah lah hard on in seconds
by j December 18, 2003
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An action one can perform when they are currently experiencing sexual frustration. Simply find a bean big (or small) enough and fuck the living daylights out of it.
I couldnt get any lovin' so I resorted to having to fuck beans.
by Tapeworm Tapeworm July 1, 2004
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