Wasting time. Just chilling and waiting around for something to pop off.
"Yo Bri, what's going on?"
"Nada, kid. Just fucking the duck over here."
by K. Washington September 18, 2016
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A phrase used to describe when a guy has sex with a girl and doesn't call her back.
John fucked Judy. The next day Judy tried to call John and he rejected her phone calls. He didn't see her after that. John's buddy Dave said John was just "Fucking and Ducking"
by 405GUY March 01, 2012
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Also known as: Fuckin A Duck/Fuckin The Duck. Means, I'm just kidding, or im pulling your tail. Or a gotcha thing.
You really like ashley?!??!!
Nah I'm just fucking a duck!
by stoneybalogne January 19, 2011
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A sex position in which the female has the duck face while the penis goes into the anus
"did you see joe?"
"no he's doing the fuck the duck with the slut"
by kaunis4041 August 18, 2012
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to be totally pissed off at someone

hunters used to kill ducks with ease or "fuck up the duck" now "fuck-a-duch"
by TK February 17, 2005
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An old ugly women of loose persuation. ie. An old slut. Used only rarely to the ugliest of characters of which you feel even a duck would not go near them. What defines a Fuck a Duck is the pure ugliness of character in which she completely lacks.
a. Look at that old fuck a duck! So ugly a duck won't even go near her.
b. What is that old fuck a duck complaining about this time?
by DinaDiz December 07, 2007
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