You looked this up! God, people!!!

It is a action the involves fucking a duck with a in and out motion.

Fucking-means you put the D in the V aka a hole.

Fucking A Duck

-Braun B
Ah man, she cock blocked me, so I Fuck A Duck.

Ugly!? You can go fuck a duck!!!
by TroubleBraun! April 12, 2016
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When you feel disscomfort, or anger you can use this saying. If fuck isn't good enough for you, or you just want to extend the sentence.
Oh fuck a duck, i think i just broke my toe.
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by IsabellaTheBestDuh November 04, 2020
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where someone passionately has sex with a wild animal or captive animal formally known as a duck. QUACK.
“Yooo did you just fuckaduck”

“Yeah bro it was wild”
by yoloswagdog1234 November 06, 2018
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