every Sunday we have frunch. We cook tons of food, sometimes we have a theme like CHICKEN AND WAFFLES, or a different host, but we always Always ALWAYS have way too much champagne in our mimosas. We saber the tops off of the champagne and we have the best Sunday ever every single Sunday.
by blourtney13 August 2, 2010
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Would you like tomorrow to have a frunch darling ?
by Big Fat January 29, 2016
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fucking during/after lunch
"my boyfriend came to see me at work today and we had frunch on my break"
by anon October 22, 2004
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Brunch served at a french restaurant.
Let's do frunch at Lou Lou's in Fort Greene. Their oeufs d'épinards plate is excellent.
by Mack April 5, 2004
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Musical style allocated to Le Grand Maj'hesty.
I like a lot of musics but the style I prefer is frunch one.
by YingYo February 4, 2010
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When individuals coordinate the preparation and delivery of one another's lunch. Can be as simple or as complex as participants agree to. Intended to inspire accountability, responsibility, community. Benefits may include experiencing gratitude, respect, trust, grace and the fostering or social interaction. Additional factors may impact health, budget and personal satisfaction as both a "provider" and a "recipient"
My frunching buddy is the best, we enjoy having our lunch made for one another then enjoying them together.

My kids have been frunching with friends and learning about responsibility, accountability and communication.

My wife and I find frunching a simple way to be part of each other's day knowing that lunch was made by someone who loves me
by Shmutz May 16, 2018
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