slang term used to describe an unusually densely packed brick of cocaine. Could be mistaken for actual fruitcake (not the gayman)
"Dude, this package is way too heavy!"

"That's 'cause it's a fruitcake, dude. Y'know, the snuff?"
by M.V.P. December 8, 2008
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1) The word fruitcake has come to mean someone who is round the bend, out to lunch, completely fucking mad. It came from the old British slang"Nutty as a fruitcake"(fruitcakes have got nuts in, ya see), because, as you know we've used the slang term "Nutters" for the insane for....well ever, really.

2) I do believe that some American people call gay people fruitcakes. I know that the term "fruit" has been used as a slightly derogatory term for Gay men(in the UK any way), but I'm really not sure where the "cakes" bit came from, or why!.
1) "Dave came round the other day, goin' on about these multidimensional life forms that are controlling his libido or somethin'" "Oh yeah, Dave's a total Fruitcake dude."

2)....Err not sure really!! I've never heard "fruitcake" used in this context. But "Fruit":

Err 2, take 2) "Look at John mincing about,......Oi John your a proper fruit mate"
by HungryGhost March 20, 2015
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UK English:

A person who is one sandwich short of a picnic; mad; quite insane; not with it, fucking crazy.
"I would even think about making a move on her mate, she's a fucking fruitcake. She's probably good in the sack though..."
by Esteban Lorenzo July 29, 2003
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to be like a fruitcake, utter foolish insane type behaviour.
fruitcakism is fruit and cake suffixed with ism to mean pure nonsense!!

A collective term for mass stupiditiy.
Charlie Sheen's accused of being 'the vatican warlock the media hysteria over what was an in joke between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones is fruitcakism.
by Burnt-Spider March 5, 2011
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A gross cake-like thing that consists of nasty spices, nuts, anddried fruit.
"The trash compactor is full so just dump that in a pan for now." - Inventor of the fruitcake
by purpleppleater1234 April 10, 2011
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Noun. Another way to call someone gay. This pertains to men only. Mostly used amongst friends in a joking manner. not to be taking offense to.
johhny stop trying to hug me you fruitcake!
by xPSYLENTSx September 7, 2009
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