Colloquial British English slang for losing one's sanity.
"She's sending me round the bend!" or "Why'd you throw out a perfectly good steak? Have you gone round the bend?!"
by Gangis May 22, 2008
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UK. One who is mentally imbalanced, eccentric, crazy, etc. Sometimes expressed as "right 'round the bend." An eighties tune, during the second "British Invasion" of music in the U.S., had the lyric, "You send me right 'round, baby, 'right round, like a record baby."
Did you see him talking to that tree? 'Round the bend, he is.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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British slang for someone who is a wacko, slowly losing their mind
Donald Trump thinks he won the election, I think he’s gone round the bend”
by BAD ASS ER NURSE January 4, 2021
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