a name given to a kid typically (george liu)
george was dicking around so his friends called him a fruitcake

george fruitcake scrub frail frutti puffy
by antwon thgirwtrac February 12, 2013
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a gay person, or one with faggot characteristics
Roberto Funes: I would like to announce that I am a fruitcake!!!!
by Babale veeks February 6, 2007
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The users or P2P-IRC where not surprised when ub0r admitted he was a fruitcake.
by [TS] Phoenix May 29, 2006
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a gay or straight man who acts like a homo sexual. someone of tight pants origins.
DANH CAT PHAM is a big fruitcake.
by churroman July 11, 2008
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A straight woman who hangs out with lesbians, or a man who acts as though he is gay. But mostly a straight woman whose best friends are lesbians.
"Dude, Chelsea is such a lesbian!"
"No, dude, she just kicks it with lesbians. She's a total fruitcake."
by rae1138 December 15, 2011
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a gay person or one who is named Roberto Funes
Simon Cowell: Ryan, why are you such a fruitcake?

Ryan: Shut up Simon!
by Babale veeks February 3, 2007
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its that hard donut like thing that your 100 year old ww1 war veterans give you during the holidays thinking you will not smoke or watch tv anymore if you even touch it. seriously this is impossible to bite but it is a godd spare tire thing for your bike.........................................i flush milk down the toilet
"go on, eat my fruitcake" said your old war veteran. "i think ill hit you with it" said you as you threw it and missed him and you started to hunt pacman in your kitchen
by nicest terrorist December 24, 2008
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