Frosh is one of the words used, in Italian, to describe a homosexual male.
Example 1:

Yo Nick, Mike is such a “frosh” man.

Example 2:

Hey Danny, stop acting like a “frosh” bro, ‘cause people will start thinking I’m one to.

Example 3:

Ricky: Did you see Adam Lambert kiss that guy last night?

Tino: Yeah man! What do you expect, though? He is a “frosh.”
by Mario Zanelli January 20, 2010
Italian's primarily use this word to describe a homosexual male, or someone acting like one, in general.
Jake, stop acting like a "frosh" man!

I seen this "frosh" at the mall today kissing his boyfriend; that was a weird experience.
by Gianni Devino August 28, 2009
an initiation of freshman, usually involving pain or embarrasment. While these activities were originally intended as harmless fun, they have, over the years, become intimidating, demeaning and degrading rites of passage.
A: For your froshing you must drink one beer every minute for the next hour, standing extremly still, without peeing. Move and your ass is grass.

A: We totally we so close to getting busted while froshing those newbs.
B: We are so lucky we can run faster than than those pigs.
by Robotwholearned November 17, 2008
a dumbass way to say that you're a freshman in high school or college .
guy 1 : dude did you see those group of frosh over there ?
guy 2 : oh yeah , don't say that man . you sound retarded .
by jdsfoew0rwwwww3 November 7, 2011
To be sued by a criminal that you injure while being robbed/assaulted.
Did you hear about that woman who shot the rapist who broke into her home? She's getting Froshed by the perp's lawyers for $3 million!
by ForceAgainstEvil March 30, 2009
Another name for the cancer that is students on their first year of high school. These freshmen are often seen trying to hang out with upper classmen. They make bad memes and generally make life worse for everyone around them. No amount of insults and jokes will keep them from trying to hang out with you.
Friend 1: Those damn frosh keep trying to come to my parties.
Friend 2: Frosh are coming? Guess I'll just stay home and avoid the cancer.
by Jack Frinch October 3, 2017
A freshman or a really puny freshman.
What the hell is with all this little frosh getting in the way?
by Nate D March 17, 2003