Frosh is one of the words used, in Italian, to describe a homosexual male.
Example 1:

Yo Nick, Mike is such a “frosh” man.

Example 2:

Hey Danny, stop acting like a “frosh” bro, ‘cause people will start thinking I’m one to.

Example 3:

Ricky: Did you see Adam Lambert kiss that guy last night?

Tino: Yeah man! What do you expect, though? He is a “frosh.”
by Mario Zanelli January 20, 2010
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Italian's primarily use this word to describe a homosexual male, or someone acting like one, in general.
Jake, stop acting like a "frosh" man!

I seen this "frosh" at the mall today kissing his boyfriend; that was a weird experience.
by Gianni Devino August 28, 2009
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Another name for the cancer that is students on their first year of high school. These freshmen are often seen trying to hang out with upper classmen. They make bad memes and generally make life worse for everyone around them. No amount of insults and jokes will keep them from trying to hang out with you.
Friend 1: Those damn frosh keep trying to come to my parties.
Friend 2: Frosh are coming? Guess I'll just stay home and avoid the cancer.
by Jack Frinch October 3, 2017
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Jordan: "I'm going to be a freshman next year."
Caitlin and Anna: "You're a FROSH!"
by PrincesssCaitlin July 11, 2008
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A term used to describe freshman, typically in high-school.

A "frosh" is typically out-of-line, annoying, cocky, over confident, hormonally-driven teenager. Frosh are also known to cluster in packs such as wild animals do. Frosh are commonly seen in a school cafeteria or "commons". Frosh will frequently get lost, make stupid comments, and try to suck up to upperclassmen. There are some "legends" known as the Anti-Frosh which is any freshman's worst nightmare.
Dude, you are such a freakin' frosh. Who do you think you are? Get in the back of the line.

"In order for high-school students to live a happy and peaceful school year, the frosh must be constantly shot down, physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally." - Anti-Frosh HandBook
by Dahman316 June 13, 2009
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FRESHMAN, FRESHMAN, do something crazy, do something crazy, keg stand, keg stand!
by taco.taco May 27, 2010
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