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Another name for the cancer that is students on their first year of high school. These freshmen are often seen trying to hang out with upper classmen. They make bad memes and generally make life worse for everyone around them. No amount of insults and jokes will keep them from trying to hang out with you.
Friend 1: Those damn frosh keep trying to come to my parties.
Friend 2: Frosh are coming? Guess I'll just stay home and avoid the cancer.
by Jack Frinch October 03, 2017

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The coldest goddamn place on this side of the Mississippi. Located in the richest suburb of the great city of Cleveland. It has the largest Jewish population in this hemisphere and is the home of at least 69 Synagogues. Previous headquarters of OVO Studios.
Holy shit, the largest property owner in Canal Winchester, named Will, came from Chag Town
by Jack Frinch September 19, 2017

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