Cheese from under your nuts. Usually with a distinctive smell.
'I can smell fromunda cheese'
by cheese nuts July 29, 2009
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The wig is achieved by cutting off one's pubic hair and carefully super-gluing it to a sleeping friend's face in a pattern resembling facial hair. The best candidates for the wig are heavy sleepers or passed-out drunkards. Common hair styles include: the "western-stache", the "Hitler", the "Dom Deluise", and the "Norris" After the wig is applied, photographic evidence of the occurance is preferable. Desirable results include: the victim crying upon awakening, the victim not speaking to you for a period of 3-6 months, or a sudden rash around the victims mouth due to pubic lice or crabs. It is also advised to email the pictures to everyone that you know.
Andy can't grow his own beard. So, when he passed-out after the party we gave him a darling fromunda wig.
by The Shmammer January 25, 2008
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The residue and/or mud-like substance found in, under, and around the male genetalia as a result from neglect and uncleanliness.
guy 1 "ugh, what's that smell?"
Webster "that's fromunda cheese."
guy 1 "what the hell is fromunda cheese? where do you find that?"
by mawz February 27, 2003
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A selfie taken from under your chin. The extreme low angle distorts ones face enabling the perfect ugly picture to send to your best friend via snapchat, text message, etc.
Ashley: Wow your face is so ugly
Brittany: yas bitch, that's my fromunda face
by piano November 13, 2014
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Viscous liquid or paste which can be scraped from under the forskin or applebag and emits an ordor similar to that of the asshole of a rotting carcas. The substance is good for wiping on fellow varsity football players and lubricating door hinges.
Last years Two-a-days were so hot it allowed us to produce and package over 62 gallons of fromunda cheese.
by Chickenmanty December 9, 2003
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(n,adj.,prep.) Chunky, thick, mal-odorous, peanutbutter like substance eminating "from under" the coin purse. Due to lack of personal hygiene. Ori: "from under" the scrotum
Guy 1: What is the flavor in this that the tangy zip of miracle whip?

Guy 2: Nah it's fromunda cheese!

Guy 1: Is that the fancy stuff from France?

Guy 2: I'm sure it's available in France.
by Pablo T March 27, 2009
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When your cell phone (with picture taking capabilities) accidentally starts taking pictures while in your pocket. You tend to wind up with 20 photos of blackness, with the occassional view "fromunda".
Jasper: "I went to take pictures with my cell phone down at the beach, but the memory was already filled with Photo Fromunda. It took me twenty minutes to delete all those shots."
Monk: "You are such an exhibitionist"
Jasper: "Maybe I would have saved some had the flash been on."
by JacknRochNY August 28, 2007
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