Your nutsack.

Typically used when describing a really big ballsack. A sack that makes a mere mortal cower in fear.
Behold thy majestic applebag, and teabag it righteously! BIAAAAAAATCH!
by Mansnake February 11, 2005
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A douchebag who loves apple products. To the point where you will find them constantly defending shitty apple products on forums and online communities.
Sherry: "Hey Gary! Can you believe that online username apple666 in the keyboard forum and how they're trying to defend the mac book butterfly keyboard?!"

Gary: "Yeah Sherry, what a real applebag!"
by malokvalok May 2, 2020
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The act of pinching, slapping, punching, kicking, or inflicting any kind of pain on a fellow co-workers genitals for fun.

Like playing tag with your friends nuts
Jeff was walking to the printer and forgot we were playing applebag tag. I struck him in the genitals and he hit the floor crying!
by cbido November 9, 2006
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