Some say that the origin of the phrase is from a "jump ball" in basketball, which happens at the start of the game. So it means "from the beginning."
- What did it feel like for you from the jump?
- Well, actually it was really confusing but then I got used to it...
by Elox June 25, 2013
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From the begining; from day one
You have always misspronounced my name from jump.
by Ajani Capri Hunt April 13, 2006
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Narc. 21 Jump Street originally ran on the Fox network from 1987-1990. 21 Jump Street is the headquarters for a squad of police officers who specialize in investigations relating to young people.
Instead of saying : "That fucker Ronnie, he is such a narc. He told the cops I was smoking pot in the bathroom.", say : "That fucker Ronnie is so the guy from 21 Jump St."

by Amanda August 2, 2003
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Meaning “From the start or beginning.”
“He probably been encouraging her to get an abortionfrom the jump.”
by I’mjustbored April 9, 2022
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