adj. the initiation phase of a new friendship
Jeremy, when did you become friends up with Josh?
by limesparx February 27, 2011
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F U.. or Friend Up means to step up as a friend and do something a friend requests; or to hangout. It can also mean to become friends with someone. Like the term 'man up', it's almost the same, but.. friend up means 'be a friend'. Friend Up is changing the way people see the abbreviation F U.
Example 1:
Person 1: Dude come inside the beer store with me
Person 2: I can't bro I'm way too high to handle seeing people right now
Person 1: Come on man... Friend Up
Example 2:
Person 1: Hey do you want to Friend Up?
Person2: Ya lets do it
by Friend Up January 13, 2015
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A friend-up is where you have a friend. And they are clingy and you don't really want to be friends with them. But if you 'reject' them,they take it to heart,cry and spread rumors. So you have to handle them with care.
Girl 1; Uggh. This girl is annoying. She calls me every second of the day...I don't want to be friends with her..But I don't know how to tell her..

Girl 2; OMG. I know. That's annoying. Just 'Friend-Up' with her.
by GEDO7O9&HOAG2 November 20, 2009
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an act that occurs when best friends or just one of them loses interest in the other, normally followed by a grieving period but for some people its not necessary
If she continues this rude behavior I will have to Best Friend Break Up with her.
by thatonefairy March 15, 2011
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an acquaintance that is only spoken to when all of one's real friends are absent.
A: Why were you talking to Erik that other day?
B: Dude, he's just a back-up friend. nobody else was around worth talking to.
by assgoblin82 January 31, 2007
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A friend who isn't really part of the group, but who you hang out with when the rest of the group is gone.
Why isn't Kailyn paying any attention to Meggie?

Oh, Meggie's just her back-up friend. She's talking to Ashley right now.
by Sleet October 23, 2009
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someone you are friends with, but doesn't make the list(first cut, VIP, ect) for an activity, and then is called upon to fill in when a "Real friend" cannot be there
1)Hey did you enjoy the party?
Nah, i didn't know there was one.:(
Oh that's right, because you're a BACK-UP FRIEND! HAHA

2) Hey man, i can't make it tonight. Call Drew, you know he doesn't have any real friends.
Hey Drew wanna come to the party tonight?
by Tim Horlacher May 18, 2006
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