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A friend who is a boy but deliberately not a boyfriend because you want no emotional attachments or jealousy issues if you feel like kissing other people.

Synonym: (man) friend with benefits
Variation: friendman

-Hey Kate I saw you kissing some boy at a party. I though you had a boyfriend...

-He's not my boyfriend he is my friendboy, therefore we are free to share our love amongst other people providing we don't do it in front of eachother and that we don't get off with each other's friends.
by nimble.hips March 03, 2010
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A friend of the opposite sex with whom you are not romantically attached.
Sam: I thought that Ann Marie was dating Jay?
Ginny: She is, you ninny!
Maddie: Jay is her boyfriend, Kevin is her friendboy!
by Garin Girls August 02, 2009
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A close male friend that isnt quite a boyfriend, but getting there. Usually closest friend or male friend. The guy you share all your secrets and pillow fights with. Usually some sexual tension there. Basically the friend version of boyfriend.
girl 1: so, what you do this weekend??
girl 2: i hung out with brad, my friend boy!
by roxygirlrocks90 May 25, 2006
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A friend that is a boy, and nothing more. Not to be confused with 'boyfriend'.
John: I like you. Wanna go out?

Jane: Sorry. You're more friendboy material than boyfriend.

John: *slashes wrists*
by emoinpink August 13, 2010
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a boy who is your friend but you act like you are together but you are not officially.but basically,you are..but you are not
tina: hows your boyfriend doing?
me: oh hes not my boyfriend yet...for now hes just my friend boy
by friend girl July 23, 2008
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A male friend of a girl, with whom the girl does not have sexual relations with, (or commonly also, just doesn't want to admit she is, in fact fucking him) who is not her boyfriend.

See also: friendgirl
Synonym of: friend just friends
Compare: boyfriend
Mother: Who was that guy dropping you home with the car, boyfriend?
Daughter: He's just a friendboy...
by Wizz0r May 11, 2008
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A romantically involved partner who is almost/technically your boyfriend, but not yet. You two are always seen together and do things that couples do, such as holding hands and hugging. You are basically a couple, but without the official label.
Blue: Omg is he your boyfriend?!
Angelina: Not quite, He’s my friendboy.
by SwaggySizzler November 24, 2018
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