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In the country of Thailand, the Thai word "gai" means chicken. So if you are ordering Thai food, Just get the gai; Its good. ;)
"The gai soup is fantastic!"
by Todd Cox May 17, 2007
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A guy's afternoon in, but it's not gay. The male version of girls night out.

What are you doin' today?

Me and some freinds are going to have a G.A.I.
by Jake37 February 04, 2009
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A guy who is gay or bisexual. Can be pronounced as "gay" or "guy," ideally to serve as a pun depending on the context.
I saw Trystan at the gym today and I really wanna know if he's a gai.
I'm in love with how gai you are.
My life has been amazing ever since befriending all the gais.
by dictionarybcel May 14, 2018
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Stands for "Get Amongst it". Is a relatively recent fad used by Australian medical student societies to try and get their fellow students interested in going to events and involved in activities. Unfortunately for them the majority of students find this acronym cliquey and lame.
"Yeh just GAI!" (gee-ay-eye)
::rolleyes:: "Get amongst what? It? WTF is it?"
by fiddlestix July 29, 2012
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nub speak way of saying "guy."

It is NOT, NOT NOT NOT, another way to say gay. That's just stupid.
lulz, juu gaiz suk.
by RandumGai February 19, 2009
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A classic football team from Gothenburg, Sweden. They're known for their odd tendency to play qualifying-matches for different divisions almost every year.
A song popular among the fans of GAIS: "The year before the next one was the last year in divison 2 Ay, Ay the last in divison 2 ay the last in divison 2" And then we went straight through the first divison ay ay..." and so on.
by Frodob May 17, 2006
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