A haircut where the barber goes from the center of your head and out in all directions. They come in light and dark.
Barber: What you want son?

Customer: Let me get a dark ceaser.

Barber: Aight, i got you
by P. Dot September 6, 2006
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An ugly guy who tends vto like dudes an is very very selfish.
Ceaser is pretty self considerate and very much selfish
by Alacba April 27, 2018
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The act of eating out anothers anus. Replaces "tossing a salad"
"You see that chick back there, she gave me the ceaser last night"
by allcircuitsarebusy May 26, 2006
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An annoying prick who cheats on his girlfriend and doesn't who give a shit about her and makes her cry and hangs out with other assholes (and has twigs for legs)
Ceaser (Ivan): OmG tHeRe'S lIkE 20 gIrLs ArOuNd Me
by Fck nugget September 14, 2019
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For starters...Ceaser is the type of guy who will talk to you and get to know you, but he will end up playing with your feelings. Later on, after y’all are done, you'll find out that he was lying to you the whole ass time y’all were talking or “together.”

Also, he is the type of guy that says he doesn’t do relationship, claims you and him weren’t a thing, and is most likely a player.

Now that we know what/who is a Ceaser, pulling a Ceaser means they fucked up a relationship. They could have been an ass during that time, lied to the other person, or degraded the other partner. They also could have been talking to other people or pulled a “player move.”
Cynthia: Wait..let me get this straight...you’re dating Ceaser!
Bella: Noooo! We ended long ago, but he always tells people we were never a thing.
Cynthia: Why’d y’all break up tho?
Bella: Because Cynthia...he was Pulling a Ceaser
by Supbitches April 9, 2020
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Deliberately stretching and exercising while fully nude so as to seduce a member of the same sex.
Mike totally was ceaser stretching that guy at the spa in Vegas.
by Ghost lawyer February 27, 2017
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