A haircut where the barber goes from the center of your head and out in all directions. They come in light and dark.
Barber: What you want son?

Customer: Let me get a dark ceaser.

Barber: Aight, i got you
by P. Dot September 6, 2006
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A cute light skin nigga that loves chicken, ramen noodles, and Kool-Aid. He has a very very very large ding-a-ling and he has a afro he is a real right blood🅱️ And he eat all the pussy “yummy in his tummy” SUWOOP
Hey ceaser you have a long dick can i suck it
by Realrightblood May 20, 2020
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An ugly guy who tends vto like dudes an is very very selfish.
Ceaser is pretty self considerate and very much selfish
by Alacba April 27, 2018
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The act of eating out anothers anus. Replaces "tossing a salad"
"You see that chick back there, she gave me the ceaser last night"
by allcircuitsarebusy May 26, 2006
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An annoying prick who cheats on his girlfriend and doesn't who give a shit about her and makes her cry and hangs out with other assholes (and has twigs for legs)
Ceaser (Ivan): OmG tHeRe'S lIkE 20 gIrLs ArOuNd Me
by Fck nugget September 14, 2019
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The act of licking your partner's anus right after they make a bowel movement, without wiping.
My girl ate my ceaser salad last night.
by Roshan Optimus Prime February 21, 2006
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