A word for a type of loner who dresses in a weird odd or dark way. A person who doesn't fit in with any one groups such as Goths, Geeks, Ravers etc.. so takes a little bit from each and creates there own style.

Wears all black maybe makeup but diffinently not the kind of person the general population whould walk up and starts talking to just give an odd look
You know you found a freak when you have found a person in a dark coner of a building reading or doing something for themselves and nobody is talking to them just giving an odd look.
by Odious Engima September 06, 2004
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There are already a ton of definitions to this word but this one is missing entirely; 'freak' as in to wear some new duds or stylish clothing out with the intent of making a statement or being seen.
Yo, I can't wait to freak my new kicks at the party tonight.

I won't be able to freak that shirt anymore, I'm too damn fat for it.

I'm going to freak those new cufflinks at the Christmas party - they're off the chain.
by irishWhiskey April 16, 2010
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1)being to an extreme that is incurable. Something/one that may think or act a certain way for no uncomprehensible reasons.
2)sort of like, the very much minor social version of autistic.
1) That girl just took Bob's papers and shoved them into the toilet for no reason, she doesn't even know him! What a freak... Just get away...
2) You know Chad? The weirdo in our Chemistry? He just randomly started assuring me that he takes a shower everyday, out of nowhere. Just because I said the Chemistry lab was smelly. And then started yelling that I don't shower daily. What a freak...
by gerberkids June 25, 2006
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people that will rule the world one day.
asshole 1: look at that guy. he is such a freak.
asshole 2: i know, why cant he just be more like us? people would probably like him.

typical comments toward freaks.
by katie bo badey July 10, 2008
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A person who is a freak is that they are a very good kisser and they are kinda sexual and they give you hickeys, lap dance and gets on you,but guys and girls like that in a person.
Oh I like girls who are freaks
by she.cares.less January 30, 2016
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Seeing as tho there r many definiitions of that word that have already been defiined on here, ill add a new one

Freak (verb) : to griind the hell outta someone
boy: yo, u wanna dance?
girl: iight.
(song ends)
boy: iight 1
(girl walks away)
girl: (with friends)Girl I was freakiin that boy so damn bad, i swear i felt suttiin...

get iit? ;
by xxDatFiineLadyxx May 30, 2007
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