1. Someone who isnt normal, commonly used by preps against unpopular kids. See: Nerd

2. What someone uses if they are afraid to use the word fuck. But there are right and wrong ways to use it.
1. Nerd: Hi, Kalee...

Prep girl (kalee): Ewww get away from me you freak

Nerd: (jizzes his pants)

2. Right Ways To Use It:

Freakin idiot (napolian dynamite moment)

What the Freak?

I dont give a freak

Wrong Ways To Use It:

Freak You!

I totally freaked her last night.
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To take the rice paper lining from a black and mild.
the rice paper allows it to burn longer but it's rough going down your throat.

When you take the rice paper out, it burns faster but it's a lot smoother.
Did you freak that black homie?
by emsevascisum January 24, 2007
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an overtly sexual form of dance prefromed in clubs and at highschool dances.
some random guy came up to me and we started to freak
by dre February 14, 2005
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Hippies, flower children, the beautiful people.
The freaks love the Furry Freak Brother Comics
by black flag June 02, 2004
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(noun) A person who exhibits unusual concern with or passion about something, a fan, a head, possibly in the face of community disapproval. Sometimes also suggests outstanding competence or dedication. Can be used as either praise or insult.
I look like a freak, and I talk like a freak, and I smell like a freak, but if you hear me blow my harp then you gonna _know_ I'm a freak.
by anarcissie May 02, 2011
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A person who is currently or in he past hasn't done something that isn't up to your par and you would like to single them out. A better use is in large masses chanting at specific people.
" Oh hey Jimmy, how's it going?"
"I'm doing fine for now manny what about you"

"Great,but oh no Liam is coming over"
"Hey you, Freak. Who do you think you are standing there, begone freak"
by Timothy Vanscoy October 28, 2017
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A strange person who has some abnormal trait that shuns any friends. Includes:

1) Sterotypes of: Dorks, Hippies, Goths, Dolts, Techies, Squeakers

2) Any Marylin Manson fan
What a freak! He's got long hair, is stupid, wears black every day, has a squeaky voice, and knows way too much about computers!
by Dr Nick November 21, 2002
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