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A Cape Verdean is a person who descended from Cape Verde which is a tiiny little country off the western coast of Africa. They range from all skiin colors, eye colors, and haiir types. The language sort of sounds liike a miix of the romance languages spanish, portuguese, italian, ect. so iif u speak one of those especiially portuguese you'd have no problem pickiin iit up. Personally, I happen to thiink Pawtucket, RI is the second Cape Verde. All cape verdeans luv cachupa, and if u dont, well then ur not cape verdean. Many play soccer and they're skilled as hell at iit. At the moment the freak a leak song for them is "Chichiri", download iit ;] . They wear their pride on theiir shiirt and flaunt thiier shiiet.
There were three Cape Verdean ladies walking down the beach, and they find what they believe to be a magic lamp. So, they rub it to see if it really is. Just as they rub it, a genie pops out and says that he'll give them each one wish. So the first girl says 'I want to be really smart ', and she appears with glasses and a book in her hand. The second girl says 'I want to be even smarter than her', and she turned into a genius. The third girl said 'I want to just change this whole wish thing around, I want to be as dumb as I could possibly be, and she turns into a white chick.
by xxDatFiineLadyxx May 30, 2007
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A little known term that means a person who is of both Hispanic and Cape Verdean descent. They may be ne kiind of Hispanic (dominican, puerto rican, cuban, ect.) or even more than 1 kind]They tend to look very exotic and are one of the prettiest mixes out there.
boy: damn ma, u fine.
girl: ....thanks.
boy: lemme get yo numba
girl:...ill pass.
boy: wit those looks and an attitude like that, make me wonda where u from?
girl: Don't u mean my ethnicity?
boy: ..yea dat too
girl: Im puerto rican, domincan, and cape verdean
boy: Oh damn,( so ur a hispaverdean, that explains it all.
by xxDatFiineLadyxx May 30, 2007
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Seeing as tho there r many definiitions of that word that have already been defiined on here, ill add a new one

Freak (verb) : to griind the hell outta someone
boy: yo, u wanna dance?
girl: iight.
(song ends)
boy: iight 1
(girl walks away)
girl: (with friends)Girl I was freakiin that boy so damn bad, i swear i felt suttiin...

get iit? ;]
by xxDatFiineLadyxx May 30, 2007
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