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Entry: PRONOUCNED ->Awesome
Synonoms: Very Awesome, Pretty Awesome, Ridiculously Awesome, Sean "Guy" Capri, Disgustingly Awesome etc.
Antonyms: Umm... Not Sean "Guy" Capri
Come on look alive, Hutch...HUTCH!!!
1) That was Osm!
2) " Sean you are OSM"
3) Isn't Sean Osm??? He's seriously hot right now
by hutch August 05, 2004
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A nice engine but is not what it used to be.
Yeah man, that Hemi tore some shit, but then i bought a LT1 and now im twice as fast
by hutch November 02, 2003
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Brand name of a product used by surfers to give them traction on their surfboards.
whoa! Dude, check it out, cherry flavored Sex Wax. Gnarly!
by HUTCH January 13, 2004
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The male member,
Slang for a male whore.
I used my jizz cannon to cream her biscuit last night.
He is such a jizz cannon.
by Hutch April 23, 2003
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To completely destroy another person
"... i gillact your punk ass..."
by hutch January 12, 2005
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1. pubic hair that has not been trimmed or maintained.
2. Scary part of the woods in fairy tales.
I went down on this girl and I ran into the old growth forest. That shit needs to be fixed.

I wonder if she's sporting a landing strip, bald eagle, or old growth forest?
by HUTCH January 12, 2004
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To get you ass whooped
dude you got fucking gillact
by hutch January 11, 2005
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