Forty-Three is a vulgar and horrific sexual position in which a female puts her legs behind her head while a male inserts his penis or other object(s) into the female's vagina.
"James saw me doing yoga, and when I put my legs behind my head he tried offering me a Forty-Three. We broke up immediately."
by Skanago:g August 20, 2016
A woman who is a 4 but thinks she is a 9
Hey bro, look at this tinder thot forty niner requiring men be 6 feet tall, 6 figure income, looking like a model, and they are broke, far and aren’t even cute.
by MGTOW September 11, 2019
Man, I'm really in the mood for some forty nining, but I only have one dog.
by 49in' for days January 20, 2014
A large cannon, typically used during the American Civil War
"But when he put his arm around 'er,
He smiled fierce as a forty pounder..." ~Dixie (song)
by Ayy Lmao Alien July 2, 2016
In poker, four tens. Four-of-a-kind also quad tens.
by Coell May 13, 2005
The amount of weight gained by those petite little 18 year old hotties during their freshman year of college. Usually tied to binge drinking and the over-abundance of pizza.
"dude, what happened to her? She used to be so hot in high school!"

"I know! Must be the freshman forty."
by ploppington turd September 21, 2008
A term used to describe someone who only likes music that is cool at the moment and/or has no taste in music whatsoever.
Person1: Trey has no taste in music! It's really sad.
Person2: I know! He's so top forty!
by AliciaPilar October 17, 2007