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Round Metallic Object. RMOs are collectible coins used in drinking challenges by members of the armed forces and some civilian law enforcement and emergency services groups.

In initiating a challenge, one throws down their RMO. If all others present an RMO as well, the initiator buys drinks. If someone in the group does not present their RMO, they buy the drinks.
Capt. Shitdick threw his RMO on the one day I didn't have mine on me, so I ended up buying the whole squadron drinks.
by SimpleMindedTed June 09, 2008
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Reminds me of.
RMO that one episode of Futurama with the giant reflecting mirror that turned into a death-ray.
by RMO May 05, 2014
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RMO is an abbreviation for RANDOM MAKE-OUT. An RMO involves making out with a stranger at random.RMO's usually occur under the influence of alcohol.
Jenna: Damnnn Girl, I don't remember anything about last night.
Cathryn: Well Son you RMO'ed about 5 guys..
by J.Rabbit November 15, 2010
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